Science Toys

Belowis a collection of educational toys which can help you, your children, your classroom, and the young at heart to learn playfully about science and technology. To get more information and reviews, or to order any of these toys, please click on the images below. The link will get you to Amazon.

These toys are not only educational, but they are actually fun to play with. Through playing with science toys, kids and adults can discover a hidden interest in science and technology.

With the solar bag, for example, you can experience physics in real life. The air gets heated up, which causes the solar bag to rise like a hot air balloon. Kids can learn scientific basics related to renewable energy with the science kits from Thames & Kosmos. With LEGO Mindstorm, you learn a lot about robotics, technology and computer-controlled guidance. I highly recommend LEGO toys because they are durable, high quality, and perfectly designed so that kids have a lot of fun playing with them.

For teenagers or as well as for adults, who want to learn about programming and controlling hardware via computer, the arduino kit (the last image) is great.